It gives me immense pleasure in writing about one of our dedicated students, MOHAMMAD OMAR FARUQ. Omar surely has been a student who has demonstrated high competence and talent which is absolutely required for higher education.

Omar has been a successful IGCSE candidate during his 9th and 10th grade taking seven subjects and excelling profoundly with high grades in all of them. He has successfully completed his Advanced Subsidiary level taking three subjects and is currently pursuing towards completing the full A Level degree.

I have seen this young man growing with respect and popularity amongst all teachers and friends. Omar’s insightfulness and incredible self discipline stuns everyone. I appreciate his energy and compassion in classes and labs (as commented by teachers).

Besides academics, extracurricular activities have been one of his main fortes throughout high school. His numerous involvements included leadership positions – School Head Boy for the year 2009-2010, President and Founder of our most active religious organization: BISES Faith Foundation (BFF) and Captain of Jamuna House.

He has also been an active Tae-kwon-do club member achieving the highest Black Belt position and becoming champion in numerous tournaments. Omar has also won several prizes in annual sport events including Shot Putt, Carrom, and Relay and always winning the first prize in whichever group he was in for a very long time.

Omar has been interested in Religious works from a very tender age. I have seen him growing up attending various Islamic speech competitions held at our school and always winning the first prize in whichever level he was in.

He was very interested in Comparative religion and used to spend hours weekly on research from internet and various books. His collection on religious material is vast including articles, documentaries and books.

He is a great thinker and wishes to follow the footsteps of great Islamic Scholars like Shaikh Ahmed Deedat and Dr. Zakir Naik on one hand and Shaikh Ibn Taymiyah and Shaikh Bin Baaz on the other. Presenting and clearing misconceptions about Islam is his mission and vision in life.

As a Head Boy, he has demonstrated to be an excellent public speaker, well-respected amongst peers and has been enormously hard-working. He has everything of a true leader – Integrity, Honesty, Courage and Determination.

He has been the successful Founder and President of BISES Faith Foundation (BFF), the most active religious organization at our school. His organization is exclusively involved in preaching Deen through Seminars, Lectures, Discussion groups and Exhibitions. Numerous people join BFF events including distinguished guests.

The organization also has a publication called Peace and Destiny (P&D) of which he is the Editor. Peace and Destiny (P&D) has given out informative articles regarding many controversial and misunderstood Islamic concepts. All these works have proven top notch teamwork skills – one that is necessary for success at every step of life. He has surely performed the Noble and Cherished task in disseminating Islamic Knowledge to all.

BISES Faith Foundation (BFF) has gained high popularity amongst many across the city. This has surely broadened his mind and has given him sense of responsibility. He has demonstrated his best through what he has done.

He has also demonstrated high team work skills by organizing Bangla Exhibition with the Department of Bengali Language and Culture and Islamic Exhibition with the Department of Islamic and Arabic studies in the year 2008 which gained high popularity in the community.

I believe that Omar has tremendous potential as a student. He has made us proud and I feel quite confident that he will continue to do so as he grows. I wholeheartedly pray for him and may Allah (SWT) bless him and grant him success in every step in life in the near future.


Principal, Bangladesh International School, English Section-Riyadh, KSA



  1. ha ha ha ato kom lekla keno???aro kisu lekta? tumi bangladesher PM chila ,martial art black belt 3 don tumi Dr,zakir naiker teacher

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